Heads Up Health can electronically link to over 25,000 medical providers across the United States to help you centralize all of your vital health data. 

Unfortunately, many of these medical facilities use systems that are old and out of date. As a result, sometimes new lab results don't always show up automatically in your Heads Up account. 

This article shows you how to disconnect and reconnect a medical facility, which can fix the issue in many cases.

Step 1: Open the Connect Data section and choose Medical Records:

Step 2: Search for the medical facility you want to disconnect:

Note: You should see the pencil icon indicating that you had previously connected this facility to your account. 

Step 3: Disconnect the medical facility:
Click the pencil icon and it will change into a trash icon. Click the trash icon to disconnect the medical facility from your account.

Click the Back button and then the Close button to return to your profile. 

Step 4: You can repeat the steps above to reconnect the medical facility. This should establish a re-sync to allow new data to show up.

If you are still experiencing issues, shoot as an e-mail at support@headsuphealth.com

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