1. Which versions of Apple's iOS are supported for the Keto-Mojo app? Currently iOS 11 or higher is required.
  2. Which versions of Android are supported? Currently we are supporting Android version 7.0 or higher. 
  3. Where can I buy the bluetooth connector? These are sold by Keto-Mojo. If you already have a Keto-Mojo meter and you just need the bluetooth connector, click here. If you need the full kit (meter and bluetooth connector) click here.
  4. I don't want to use the bluetooth connector. Can I enter values manually? The Keto-Mojo app only works via bluetooth sync. For manual entry of Keto-Mojo data see this article.
  5. I share my Keto-Mojo meter with a family member. Can we each have our own Keto-Mojo app with separate readings? Separate profiles are not supported with the Keto-Mojo app. We suggest each individual use manual entry into their own Heads Up Health web/mobile accounts.
  6. If I sync with Heads Up Health, will the Heads Up app automatically calculate the glucose-ketone index (GKI)?  Yes! Heads Up Health will automatically calculate your GKI readings after each sync.
  7. I received a promo code from Keto-Mojo for a discount on my Heads Up Health subscription. How do I apply it? Please see this article for using promo codes.
  8. I use the meal tag function on the Keto-Mojo meter. Are these tags supported? These tags are not currently supported but we will be adding support for these tags in the Keto-Mojo app and Heads Up Health soon. All your tags will update once we release this functionality.
  9. My Keto-Mojo app is showing date stamps in the future. What's up? Please contact Keto-Mojo support on this issue.

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