To connect a device or app via the Heads Up Health mobile app, please perform the following steps:

Step 1: From the dashboard choose 'Add source'.

Step 2: Choose your device/app you would like to connect, in the example below I am going to choose Fitbit. 

If you are connecting Fitbit, iHealth, MyFitnessPal, Withings, Garmin, or Google Fit you will be met with the Human API connection screen (seen below), press 'Connect' to start the authentication process. Complete the processes as directed.

If you are connecting Oura, Apple Health, Biostrap, Ketonix, MyMacros+, Cronometer, Levl, or Elite HRV, you will be met with each individual applications authentication screens. Complete the processes as directed.

If you are connecting Keto-mojo you will be prompted to open the Keto-mojo app. To learn more about that process, go here.

Step 3: After the connection process is complete return the dashboard and press 'Add Tile'.  

Next: Search or scroll to find your desired metric(s) and press 'Add'. 

Your new tile should now be on the dashboard. For assistance in setting up tiles, or changing the source for a given tile (for example, if Steps is showing 'Fitbit' as the source and you want to change it to 'Apple Health') please see this article.

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