Got a bad reading on the Mojo? Family member used your Mojo and now your trends are off? Want to add notes or meal tags to a reading? We got you covered!

Note: Currently (as of 5/20/2020) this capability is only available in the Heads Up web app. Please login with Chrome, Safari or Firefox. We will add this capability to mobile soon...


Login to the Heads Up web app using Chrome (recommended), Safari or Firefox. From any Keto-Mojo tile, click the 'ellipses' (three dots) icon in the top right of the tile and then click Edit/Delete:

Navigate through the filter drop-down, find the Metabolism section and select your desired Keto-mojo data type. You can then use the Delete button to remove any erroneous readings from your profile:

Note: Readings will continue to exist on the Keto-Mojo meter and the Keto-Mojo app. The deletion only affects values stored inside Heads Up.

Use the 'Show hidden readings' option to see readings which have been soft-deleted and optionally restore them to your account:


Use the 'edit' icon to access the edit screen: 

Here you can add notes and tags to a reading. Note: You can not change values. 


Use this feature to delete all Keto-Mojo readings from your account (glucose, ketones, hematocrit and hemoglobin).

You will then need to re-upload from the Keto-Mojo app.

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