Sometimes the plumbing gets stuck! Here are the recommended steps to resolve the most common sync issues.

We've listed these steps from the least intrusive to the most intrusive, so try each step one-at-a-time before proceeding. 

  1. Ensure you have the latest version of the Keto-Mojo app: 

You can check this by tapping the 'gear' icon in the Keto-Mojo app and scrolling to the bottom. Compare your installed version against the latest version from iTunes or Google Play. If  necessary, please update the app. 

Once complete, tap the 'Upload' button in the Keto-Mojo app to see if your results have been updated in Heads Up. 

2. Update the Heads Up app:
To update the Heads Up app, please follow the following steps: You can check your installed version against the latest from iTunes and/or Google Play.

3.  Clear data from your Heads Up account: If you are still having sync issues, please login to your Heads Up account from a desktop or laptop browser (Chrome or Safari) and delete all Keto-Mojo data from your account per the screenshot below.

If you don't have access to a desktop or laptop browser, skip to the next step.

Once complete, open the Keto-Mojo app and tap 'Upload' to send fresh data to your Heads Up account. 

4. Clear data from the Keto-Mojo app: 

Open the Keto-Mojo app, tap the gear icon and then tap 'Clear Data'. This will purge all data from the Keto-Mojo app, including any corrupt data which may be causing issues. 

(note: the Keto-Mojo device stores up to 1,000 readings in memory. If you think you have more than 1,000 readings on your device, you may want to use the 'Export CSV' function to backup all data before you clear it).

After clearing, close the settings screen and then tap 'Sync' to re-sync all data from the device's memory and then 'Upload' to send data to Heads Up. Refresh the Heads Up app to check for new data.

5. Refresh your credentials: Many sync issues can be caused by invalid or expired credentials. The easiest way to fix this is to disconnect and reconnect your Heads Up account inside the Keto-Mojo app. 

After you've logged in again, close the settings screen, tap 'Upload' and refresh your Heads Up account to check for new data.

6. Delete and re-install both apps: If all else fails, please delete the Keto-Mojo app and the Heads Up apps from your phone. Download both again from iTunes or Google Play. Sync the Keto-Mojo app with the meter and then upload again to Heads Up.

If you are still having issues, please contact support and we will arrange a tech support call.

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