IMPORTANT: If you delete your account, it will not automatically cancel subscriptions made through your mobile device.

We don't have any control over subscriptions made through mobile devices. We'll be happy to help where we can, but in most cases any issues you encounter will have to be dealt with through Apple or Google.

To cancel your subscription, follow the below instructions.

On iPhone/iPad

If you subscribed on an iOS device, you'll need to cancel your subscription through your device's settings. Follow the instructions provided by apple here:

On Android

If you subscribed on an Android device, follow the instructions on the following support page to cancel your subscription:

To Delete Your Account

Be warned: this cannot be undone and will delete all your historical data.

Go to your Account page

Scroll down and press "Delete Account". Confirm that you're serious, and that's it! Sorry to see you go, we would love to hear why you left so we can make future users happy.

If you have questions please contact us

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