If your Apple Health data doesn't look right, we've got a couple options to re-sync. 

The first option is a bit less intrusive and allows you to re-sync an individual metric (e.g. weight). 

The second method is a bit more heavy handed and forces a resync of all Apple Health data.

Note: Please ensure you are running app version 2.11.26 or higher before you begin. If necessary, you can check for updates inside the app or download the latest from iTunes.

  1. Resync an individual metric (e.g. weight):

Tap any tile on your dashboard:

From the details screen, tap the 'Settings' button:

Scroll down and tap the Re-Sync Readings button:

You can now return to the dashboard. Depending on the amount of data, the resync could take a few minutes or a few hours. Please check back. 

If unsuccessful, please proceed to method #2.

2. Resync all Apple Health data

A second, more aggressive approach is to resync all Apple Health data.

From the dashboard, tap the 'Add source' button:

Tap the Apple Health icon. Follow the prompts to disconnect:

Be sure to choose the option to delete data:

Once disconnected, follow the same steps to reconnect Apple Health.

This will force a full resync and should resolve any inconsistencies in your data. 

Please contact support with any other questions.

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