The Care Team feature is one of the most powerful pieces within the Heads Up Health app. It's a great to way to share your ever evolving health information with the people you trust most.

Note that at this time Care Team is only available on the web application. 

Granting Access: Open the web app, in the left hand navigation menu find and click Account > Care Team. On the Care Team page select the My Shares tab and click 'Grant Full Access to my Record'. 

Enter the email address of the person you'd like to share you records, read and select the agreement and share. The invitee will be sent an email with a button that allows them to accept the invitation, if the invitee doesn't have a Heads Up Health account they will have to sign up for one to view your records (see below, Accepting Access & Viewing Records).  

After the invitation has been sent you will now see the newly invited person listed under the My Shares tab. A few things to note about this tab, it shows you the Latest Access (the last time the invitee accessed your records), the date at which they Accepted the invitation, and most importantly has the 'Revoke access' button, which removes the invitee from the list and no longer allows them to access your records.

Accepting Access & Viewing Records:
Step 1:
Check your email for your invitation, the subject line will read "You have been granted access to Joe Somebodies Heads Up profile!", once you've located and opened the email click Accept Invitation. Upon clicking Accept Invitation you will be rerouted to the Heads Up Health Sign In page. If you don't have an account, you will need to sign up for one to be able to view the records. If you have an account, please sign in. Note if you already have an account and have previously signed in, upon clicking Accept Invitation within the invitation email, you will be rerouted to the Heads Up Health dashboard.

Step 2:  Once on the dashboard, in the left hand navigation menu find and click Account > Care Team. On the Care Team page select the Shared With Me tab and click the Accept button.

Upon clicking the Accept button it will turn into a View button. To view the shared records click View.

The View button will reroute you to the dashboard of the shared profile. While you are accessing the shared profile there will be a pink notice at the top of the screen reminding you of which profile you are viewing. 

At this point you can navigate the dashboard as if it were your own. My Data page is the general location for Medical Records. My Files may contain images, documents, pdf's, etc. If you need any assist please contact support here

To exit viewing the shared profile click 'cancel' within the pink notice field and you will be returned to your profile. 

A notice saying 'Error Access Denied', will appear at the top of the screen, click the X within the notice to make it go away. 

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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