How do I connect Apple Health?

A few quick steps to sync your Apple Health data...

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Syncing Apple Health to Heads Up is a lot like syncing with any other device, except with one caveat: the Apple Health connection can only be made on a mobile iOS device. If you have not done so already, please download the Heads Up mobile iOS app and sign in. After connecting Apple Health on the Heads Up mobile app, the option to add Apple Health tiles on the Heads Up web app will be available.ย 

Important note: the data from Apple Health can only sync and re-sync from an iPhone. iPad's do not have Apple Health and data is not made available.

Note: If you do not have data for a specific Apple Health metric, the option to add the tile will not be made available.

After any syncing or re-syncing is complete, please ensure you can see the data in the Heads Up mobile app prior to visiting the Heads Up web app. If the data is not present in the mobile app, the data will not show in the web app.

To view a list of all the supported data types from Apple Health, please visit the article: "Which metrics can I sync from Apple Health?"

Connecting Apple Health

On the lower mobile app menu, press 'Add Source' and then press 'Apple Health':

The Apple Health access rights window will open, toggle the switches for your desired data types to green and press Allow to allow Heads Up to source your data from the Apple Health app:

You will then see three messages: 'Uploading... hang tight!', press 'OK':

'Apple Health Connected! Would you like to add some tiles to the dashboard?' press 'OK', this will open the Add Tiles screen for all the synced Apple Health data types (see below). When everything is successfully synced you will see the message 'Upload Complete!' press 'OK'.

Adding your Apple Health metrics to the Dashboard

If for any reason you weren't able to add your Apple Health tiles during the initial setup please read on.

The fastest way to get all of your Apple Health metric tiles onto the dashboard is to press 'Add Source', then press 'Apple Health' then press 'Add Tiles', you can then select which tiles you'd like to see on the dashboard and press 'Add'. The dashboard will then open and all of your Apple Health tile(s) will appear in the last tile position.

Your Apple Health data will now show on the Heads Up dashboard.

If you've completed the connection and you are not seeing any data, please review the article 'My data from Apple Health doesn't look right. How can I re-sync?' for further troubleshooting measures.

If you have questions or need further assistance, please contact support.

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