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Help! My Biosense device is not syncing to Heads Up.
Help! My Biosense device is not syncing to Heads Up.

A few things to point out when connecting Biosense to Heads Up...

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If you are having issues connecting your Biosense account to Heads Up, or your account is not successfully updating data from Biosense to Heads Up, this article is for you. Below are a few notes that may help get the issue squared away:

Note 1: On the Biosense side, you must ensure that you have successfully paired your Biosense device to the Biosense app. If you are not seeing data within the Biosense app prior to checking for data within Heads Up, then there is no guarantee that Heads Up will have data to display. To pair your Biosense device: Open the BIOSENSE app, go to Profile and select Pair my device. Select your device from the list. Your device name will appear as β€œB” or β€œBiosenseXXXX” (example: Biosense1234). If you have successfully paired, you will see a message that says Device Connected. After the BIOSENSE device and app are manually paired for the first time, they will automatically connect each time the app is open and the BIOSENSE device is on and nearby.

Note 2: The email that you used to create your Biosense account is case sensitive. This means that if any of the letters that appear in your email address are capitalized, you must use the same identical email address when you connect Biosense within Heads Up, otherwise the connection will not be successful. If you cannot remember the precise email, open the Biosense app, press Profile and your email appears right below your name at the top:

Biosense and Heads Up are both aware that this issue is unique, and the team over at Biosense is working on a fix.

Note 3: In order for your Biosense data to successfully update within Heads Up, you must log into the Heads Up dashboard on either the mobile or the web app after syncing your reading from the Biosense device to the Biosense app. Extra note: The sync can take anywhere from a few seconds to about 5 minutes to complete.

This step is especially important if your Heads Up account is associated with a professional account. The Biosense data will not update if you don't open the app and verify that the data has been successfully synced, and your health professional will not be able to view your data on their platform.

Support: If you have any further questions or need assistance, please reach out to us at For further Biosense support, please visit their frequently asked questions page at

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