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How do I connect Biosense?
How do I connect Biosense?

A few quick steps to syncing Biosense to Heads Up...

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Connecting Biosense to Heads Up can be completed in just a few quick steps. Below we will run through everything you will need to know to keep the sync healthy and alive.

Step 1: Download the Biosense app:

Step 2: Create a Biosense account:

  • Open the Biosense app and press It is my first time to start the account creation process. On the next screen enter your name, review the Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and EULA, and agree.

  • Next, enter your email address. Important note: This particular email field will be case sensitive, please use all lowercase letters. Ex:

  • Create a password, confirm your password, then confirm your email address, once confirmed, follow all the prompts until you get to the device set up screen.

  • For more on how to pair your Biosense device to the Biosense app, watch the How to Pair your BIOSENSE video on YouTube, courtesy of Biosense.

  • Take your first Biosense reading (see Biosense Quick Start Guide) and sync it to the Biosense app. To sync the Biosense device to the Biosense app, ensure the Biosense device is on, and open the Biosense app:

Step 3: Syncing your Biosense data to Heads Up:

  • Open the Heads Up app and log in. If you are on mobile press Add Source in the lower menu and press Biosense, otherwise click Connect Data in the top right, click Devices & Apps and click Biosense.

  • Enter your username (your email address) and password you used to sign up for Biosense. Note: email is case sensitive.

  • Follow the prompts to have the Biosense - Aces tile added to the dashboard. Note: Sometimes it can take about 5 minutes for the sync to complete. You should then see your data on the Heads Up dashboard:


Here are a couple tips to help you out in the event that the sync between the Biosense device and the Biosense app is unsuccessful:

  • Ensure you have the latest version of the Biosense app, you can check this at the bottom of the Biosense app Profile page. You can then verify the app version in your phones respective app store (see Step 1).

  • Check to see if your Biosense device needs an update. Go into the Biosense app Profile page and press Update Firmware to update the firmware on your Biosense device. Note: this process is only available in Biosense v1.3.3 and later.

  • Make sure the phone and the device both remain on for the entirety of the sync and have a good charge.

  • Ensure the Bluetooth and Location settings are enabled on the phone.

  • Hold down the main button on the Biosense device for 15 seconds to reset the device, release when the screen goes black, then hold again until the logo shows.

Further Support:

  • For further Biosense support, please visit their frequently asked questions page at

  • If you have any further questions for Heads Up or need assistance, please reach out to us at

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