Hi Pros! In this video/article we'll show you how to invite new team members, additional coaches, or admins (whatever you may call them) to your Heads Up pro account. Note: It's super easy! 😃

Step 1: From the Clients table on the Pro side of your account, press the drop down in the top left corner located under your account name, press Pro Account, press Users to get to the Pro Account Users page, navigate to the right side of the screen and press Invite Team Member:

Step 2: Add the invitees desired email address, adjust the message if you'd prefer and press Invite:

Step 3: Success! You should receive a message that the invitation has been sent successfully. The new Team Member will now appear on the Pro Account > Users page as Pending with the option to Resend Invite if necessary:

Step 4: The newly added Team Member will get an email invite and will have to press Accept Invitation:

Disconnecting a Pro Team Member

If for any reason you need to disconnect a team member it can be done quite easily. Head over to the Pro Account > Users page, find and press the Trash Can Icon in the top right of the Team Members tile you'd like to disconnect and press Yes and you should see a Success! message:

If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, please reach out!

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