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Ketonix Troubleshooting

How to troubleshoot issues with Ketonix devices.

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Here are the recommended steps to troubleshoot Ketonix issues:

  1. Create/verify your account

First you need to ensure you have an account on the Ketonix website with a valid username and password. Click the link below:

If you do not have an account, create one now.ย 

Ensure you receive the confirmation e-mail and take the final step to confirm your account.

If you already have an account, login to test your username and password are still valid.

2. Configure your profile in the Ketonix app:

Open the Ketonix app, and enter the username and password from step 1 above:

Make sure you tap on "Update" so it gets saved to your profile. This will ensure the Ketonix app syncs readings with your account on the Ketonix website.

3. Ensure your Ketonix device is properly sending data to

Return to the website account created in step 1 and verify that your readings are now showing up on their website.ย 

If your latest readings are not showing at, Heads Up will be unable to retrieve them. Please work with Ketonix support to fix any communication issues between the Ketonix app and your account at
โ€‹4. Disconnect/reconnect Ketonix
The final step is to disconnect and reconnect Ketonix within Heads Up Health. Please disconnect and reconnect Ketonix using the credentials that you validated in step #1:

4a: Open the Devices & apps - group 2 folder:

4b: Hover over Ketonix and Disconnect/reconnect:

After reconnecting Ketonix, please refresh your browser and check your Ketonix readings on your Heads Up dashboard:

5. Testing the Ketonix API:

Ketonix has provided a way for Heads Up users to test if the Ketonix API is returning data. Please visit this link and provide your Ketonix login info and the desired date range to check. Once you have the results please share them with Heads Up customer support for further troubleshooting.

If the data is still not up-to-date, please send an e-mail to for additional troubleshooting support.

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