Sometimes devices and apps get stuck and data may not be updating in your Heads Up profile. Here are some steps to help troubleshoot the issue:

  1. First, ensure the device or app is showing the latest data. For example, you may step on a FitBit wireless scale every morning but the readings are not making it to the FitBit app. This is an issue with the device/app that will need to be resolved first. Contact the device or app support team if necessary.
  2. Sometimes it can help to disconnect and reconnect the device or app. Here are the steps:

2a. Open the 'Connect Data' menu. Depending on the device or app, please open the 'Devices & apps - group 1' or the 'Devices & apps - group 2' folder.

2b. Once you've found your device or app, click on the appropriate icon to disconnect it from your profile. Close the window to refresh your account.

3. Next, follow the same process to reconnect your device or app. This should force a re-sync and your Heads Up account should now be updating.

4. If this is not the case, please send us a message through the support window.

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