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Help! My device/app data is not accurate.

Incorrect time stamps, missing BMI data and other common issues with devices and apps

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When you initially connect devices such as FitBit, MyFitnessPal and Nokia/Withings to your Heads Up Health account you are prompted with a screen asking you to share certain types of information. 

For example, the screen below is shown as part of the connection process for FitBit:

If you chose not to share 'profile' information then we are unable to accurately determine your time zone. As a result, sleep data and other time stamps may appear inaccurate.

With Nokia/Withings this issue will limit our ability to calculate BMI as we need your 'height' data as part of the process.

To address this issue, please disconnect the device/app from your Heads Up Health profile. Then reconnect the device/app and ensure the profile information is shared.

If you have followed the above process and you are still experiencing issues, please let us know and we will investigate further.

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