Help! My Oura ring is not syncing...

Troubleshooting tips for syncing the Oura ring

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Here at Heads Up Health, we LOVE the Oura ring. However, we've noticed the Oura mobile app does have some problems syncing data. These sync issues are outside the control of Heads Up Health (Oura is working on improving their sync function) but there are some steps that can be taken to force a sync:

  1. Open the Oura mobile app and tap the menu icon in the top left corner:

2. Choose the "Settings" option:

3. Choose "Back up all data". .ย 

4. Wait for the sync to finish:

This process will upload all your data from the Oura mobile app into your Oura cloud account.
5. Login to to ensure new readings are visible:

Note: if the readings are not visible in your cloud account, Heads Up Health will not be able to sync the data. Please contact Oura support to fix the sync issues with before proceeding.

6. Once the readings are in your Oura cloud account, you can refresh the page in your Heads Up Health web and mobile accounts to see the new readings:

If you are still experiencing issue, feel free to contact

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