If your Apple Health data doesn't look right, we've got a couple of options to re-sync.

Important note: the data from Apple Health can only sync and re-sync from an iPhone. iPad's do not have Apple Health and data is not made available.

After any syncing or re-syncing is complete, please ensure you can see the data in the Heads Up mobile app prior to visiting the Heads Up web app. If the data is not present in the mobile app, the data will not show in the web app.

To view a list of all the supported data types from Apple Health, please visit the article: "Which metrics can I sync from Apple Health?"

The very first thing we want to do is ensure you have the correct access rights set up within the Apple Health app itself. 

Note: Please ensure you are running app version 2.16.21 or higher before you begin. If necessary, you can check for updates inside the app or download the latest version from iTunes.

1. Confirm you have set the correct access rights within Apple Health

Open your Apple Health app and press the profile icon in the top right corner:

Scroll down and press Apps:

Press Heads Up: 

Verify that you have set all your desired data types to green: 

2. Re-sync an individual metric (e.g. weight):

Tap any tile on your dashboard:

From the details screen, tap the 'Settings' button:

Scroll down and tap the Re-Sync Readings button:

You can now return to the dashboard. Depending on the amount of data, the re-sync could take a few minutes or a few hours. Please check back. 

If unsuccessful, please proceed.

3. Re-sync all Apple Health data

A second, more aggressive approach is to re-sync all Apple Health data.

From the dashboard, tap the 'Add source' button:

Tap the Apple Health icon:

Then tap 'Disconnect':

Be sure to choose the option to 'Delete Data':

Once disconnected, follow the same steps to reconnect Apple Health. For instructions on connecting Apple Health, please click here.

This will force a full re-sync and should resolve any inconsistencies in your data. 

If the methods listed above are unsuccessful in re-syncing your Apple Health data, or if you have questions, please contact support

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