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How do I create a New Note?

A few quick steps to help you create notes from scratch...

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Hey, pros!

In this article, we will show you how to create notes using the Notes feature inside your Heads Up Pro Account.

Notes is a tool that allows you to write and administer protocols directly to your clients from inside the Heads Up web platform. You can communicate information in a single HIPAA compliant platform without using any additional third-party software.

They can either be created from scratch, or you can create notes from templates you've previously created and saved. For more on creating note templates, please click here.

If you have any questions throughout this process, please reach out to our support team here, or use the little blue circle with the white smiling message icon in the lower right corner of the app, and we'd be happy to help.

We updated this article on April 1, 2022. If you see any discrepancies or anything that needs to be updated or edited, or if you just want to leave us some feedback, let us know.

The Video

The Written How-to

Please visit this link to open the app and trigger the flow to follow the in-app guide. Otherwise, follow the instructions below.

Creating A New Note

From the Clients page, click Notes & Templates in the left-hand menu, ensure you are on the Notes tab, click the Create Note dropdown and select Create a Blank Note to open the Create New Note page:

Next: Add a Title (*required) for your note, the Date (*required) of the note (you can backdate notes), select from the Client dropdown the client you'd like to share the note with, and then under the Note Categories either add a new Category or select a pre-existing category from the dropdown, and add the Section Title:

Next: Let's add some content and activate the Save button. All notes must contain at least a Title, a Date, and content in the text field. Once these 3 fields are populated, the app will activate the Save button:

The Text Field

The text field editor is fully customizable and user-friendly. It comes with all the amenities you'd expect from a modern text editor. In addition to the basics, you can create advanced, in-depth views using our easy-to-use table layouts.

Depending on the size of your screen, all extra text field options will appear under the ellipses (three dots) on the far right of the top menu:

Hide From Client Toggle

If you'd like to keep the note to yourself and not share it with your selected client, click the toggle Hide From Client, and only you will be able to see the note:

Preview the Note

Click Preview to see a preview of what your or your client will see. From the Preview screen, you can Print, Save, or continue Editing:

Share Your Note

Once your note is ready to send off, click Share, and then click Yes:

Important: Once a note is shared, the note cannot be edited or deleted.

The Note Tab

Once your note is saved, it will appear under the Notes tab. From the notes tab, you can view the note, filter by the note category, filter by the client the note is shared with, revoke access to the note if shared, edit the note if not shared, and archive the note:

How Your Client Views the Note

Your clients can view notes by clicking the Coaching Notes link in the left-hand navigation menu.

As a Pro, you have the option to view your client's page, navigate to the Coaching Notes page, and ensure we delivered the note successfully.

Notice in the images above that the client sees two notes, but we only see one. That's because the note Testing the Notes Feature has been archived.

How To View Archived Notes

By default, archived notes don't appear on the notes tab view. To view archived notes, filter the notes by category or client, and the archived notes will appear in the list:

Need Help?

If you have any questions, please reach out to our support team here, or use the little blue circle with the white smiling message icon in the lower right corner of the app for further assistance.

Thank you!

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