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Glucose (CGM) Dashboard Package - Now Available in Signals
Glucose (CGM) Dashboard Package - Now Available in Signals

This comprehensive dashboard package is specifically designed to for monitoring and analyzing continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) data

Written by Alex Smith
Updated over a week ago

Hey, pros!

Heads Up is pleased to announce the release of our latest feature, the Glucose (CGM) Dashboard Package, now available in Signals.

This comprehensive package includes multiple dashboards designed to provide practitioners with a powerful suite of tools for monitoring and analyzing their clients' continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) data.

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Master Dashboard

The Master Dashboard offers an at-a-glance view of the key glucose metrics for all clients in your practice. It displays average glucose, standard deviation of glucose, time in range (between 70 and 120), and percentage of readings considered as spikes above 140. This dashboard allows you to quickly identify clients who may be at risk or performing well. Watch the Master Dashboard demo video.

Individual Drill Down

The Individual Drill Down dashboard enables you to select a specific client and examine their glucose metrics over time, including average glucose, standard deviation, time in range, and spikes. The dashboard presents data in tabular and graphical formats, allowing you to identify trends and fluctuations in a client's glucose levels. Watch the Individual Drill Down demo video.

Cohort Performance Over Time

The Cohort Performance Over Time dashboard allows you to assess the overall progress of your entire client population or specific groups based on their glucose metrics. This dashboard is beneficial for evaluating the effectiveness of new protocols or challenges implemented in your practice. Watch the Cohort Performance Over Time demo video.

Out of Range

The Out of Range dashboard enables you to define custom high and low glucose thresholds and view instances where clients' readings have exceeded these limits. This information can be used to identify potential concerns and initiate discussions with clients to address the underlying causes. Watch the Out of Range demo video.

WoW Improvements

The Week-over-Week (WoW) Improvements dashboard is designed to highlight positive changes in clients' glucose metrics, promoting increased compliance and motivation. The dashboard displays average changes in glucose, standard deviation, and time in range and identifies the top performers in your practice. Watch the WoW Improvements demo video.

Data Export

The Data Export dashboard offers a straightforward method for exporting raw glucose data for selected clients and specified time periods. This feature is ideal for practitioners who wish to analyze the data in external tools or applications. Watch the Data Export demo video.

We hope you find these new dashboards valuable in managing your clients' glucose data. As always, your feedback is essential for the continued improvement of our platform. Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts and suggestions with us.

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