How do I sync Carb Manager through Apple Health?

A quick and easy guide to source Carb Manager data to Heads Up through Apple Health

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Sourcing Carb Manager data to Heads Up through the Apple Health app is very simple. Once the connection is complete, and you've set the correct access rights within Apple Health, the data will flow into Heads Up with ease. 

If you have not done so already, connect Apple Health to Heads Up. Please visit the support article 'How do I connect Apple Health?' for further instruction.

Note: If for any reason the sync fails, please ensure you are logged into the Carb Manger and Apple Health apps. You must be logged into both the Carb Manager and Apple Health apps for the sync to complete. Also, ensure you are the main Carb Manager user, as you can only connect one Carb Manager app to one Apple Health account.

Connecting Carb Manager

Step 1: Open the Carb Manager app on your iPhone and press the menu icon in top left corner:

Step 2: Scroll down a bit and press Settings:

Step 3: Find 'Connect with Apple Health / Apple Watch' and switch the connection to On:

Step 4: Toggle the desired switches to green to allow Carb Manager to write data to Apple Health:

Step 5: Return to the Heads Up app to review your newly added Carb Manager data. 

If you've completed the connection and you are not seeing the expected data, please review the article 'My data from Apple Health doesn't look right. How can I re-sync?' for further troubleshooting measures.

If you have questions or need help, please contact support.

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